All SENSINEO Trackers use

Worldwide Network of Connected Devices

(No electromagnetics wave exposure)

  • Life Finder is using a Worldwide Network of Connected Devices.
  • Can be used on a daily basis for your child, a disoriented elder, your pet and even your livestock.
  • Discreet Ultra-miniaturized Device.
  • Self learning schematics based on neuronal network design



No negatives effects


Life finder is using a worldwide network of connected devices and can be used on a daily basis for your child, a disoriented elder, your pet and even your livestock without exposing them to these potentially harmful electromagnetic waves.



Self learning system


Based on neuronal network design, starting with a baseline scenario on which it will build situations best suited to each individual.



Ultra Miniaturized


it can be integrated on a 1cm cat’s collar without increasing its thickness. A special belt for people having Alzheimer has also been created…




ZEN finder

LIFE finder

BIO finder


opens a transversal market for the

Geo-localization of people and animals

with a great potential and possibilities using its own programs

and rapid growth of the international network of IOT.