Sensineo is a spin-off of a research lab in AI
We are researchers specialized in Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) dedicated to B2B

Sensineo use the most suitable AI technique to meet your exact IoT needs

Why choose Us?

Indeed, a few companies are selling very similar products like ours. But they are not at all similar. While a common traker is sending sensors data at a fixed period of time, our trackers can learn your habits, anticipate a breakdown, take preventive actions or make preventive maintenance. The AI layer embedded in our trackers provide them a true competitive advantage, leading to a more robust decision-making and more effecient data analisys.
Our team of engineers and researchers will help you configure our trackers according to your requirements, thus providing tailor-made support for your company in every situations it may encounter. We're all aware that our clients do have specific needs. We chose a customer-centric approach, focusing in customizing our services to match your exact requirements. AI algorithms and methods will help us achieve this goal by providing in-depth analysis and state-of-the-art service, giving you competitive advantages while optimizing your process.

We develop innovative solutions from scratch

Our area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise covers:



business intelligence

big data

hardware and firmware development

backend and frontend development

A talented research team in AI

Deep learning, machine learning, case based reasoning, fuzzy logic, etc.

Data analysis

Predictive maintenance


Sort, classification, modeling

Process optimization

Business Intelligence

Smart contract, big data...

SAM TEMPERATURE : real-time temperature report

Manage efficiently the cold chain, intervene quickly in the event of a break in the cold chain

Refrigerated truck, package or display case, cold room, SAM monitors the temperature in real-time anywhere anytime

Embedded AI layer optimizes data analysis providing more robust data and optimizing the autonomy of the tracker

Artificial Intelligence also generates more efficient and non-invasive smart alarms

Business intelligence. Example: smart filtering of a door opening of a refrigerated truck to avoid false alarm

SAM GPS: smart tracking

Keep in touch with persons with Alzheimer's

Don't loose your valuables

Check the location of your bike or motorcycle

AI embedded layer provides more precise GPS coordinates

Unrivaled battery life: up to a few years

International coverage, no roaming fees

Smart geofencing and alarm generation

SAM SHOCK: monitor your assets in case of shocks

When a shock is detected, SAM SHOCK sends the time and intensity of the shock in real-time

Convenient for insurance issues, in case of breakage, you know the time and intensity of the shock that occurred

History of the shocks and alarms

AI provides smart alarms

Possibility to do scenarii, very precise shock threshold settings

SAM VIBRATION: protect your valuables by reporting any types of vibrations

Receive an alert at the slightest vibration detected

Detect a rock fall on a protective net

Monitor earthquake vibrations

Watch your works of art, wine cellar, safe, valuables or handbag

Watch your motorcycle or bicycle

Possibility to do scenarii, very precise vibration threshold settings

All-in-one solution

Including tracker and dashboard

A full-featured software suite with smart alarm management


Customized business intelligence to match your specification

Why SAM?

Unrivaled battery life

International coverage, no roaming fees

No settings, easy to use

Bio and responsible development: no electromagnetic waves, ultra low power, no SIM card

Fast ROI

Disruptive tech, competitive advantages

Fast growing market

AI provding smart alarms, decision-making and robust modeling

A talented researcher team at your service

More features

Gaz sensor, CO2, angle, etc.